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Boiler for burning pellets and low grade coals

The boiler intended for joint or separate burning of granulated biofuel (straw, wood, sunflower husks, etc.), low rank coals (lignite) and coal waste (small coal, sludge). The boiler can be burned and only one coal.  At burning of biofuel, including straw pellets, boiler provides full mechanization of fuel supply and requires minimal maintenance on the part of the operator. At coal combustion is possible both as hand and mechanized of fuel supply, but requires hand removal of ash and cinder.

1 – cylindrical body , 2 – fire tube, 3, 4 – long and short smoke tubes , 5 – flue gas tube, 
6, 7 – long and short profile, 8, 9 – large and small front tube boards, 
10, 11 – large and small back tube boards, 12, 13 – front and back flue boxes, 
14, 15 – distributors of secondary and primary air, 16, 17 – collectors of primary and secondary air, 
18 – chassis, 19, 20 – tubes output and input of heating medium
21 – tube of fuel supply , 22 – front door, 23 – side door, 
24, 25 – fans of secondary and primary air, 26 – hopper of ash removal.


Nominal capacity

300, 500, 800 kW


More than 85 %

Consumed electric capacity

3,5 kW

Wood pellets consumption

Up to 165 kg/h

The boiler is offered for installation in boiler rooms, ensuring a warm residential buildings, hospitals, schools etc. the thermal capacity of boiler house, which establishes the boiler can be from 0.5 to 2.0 MW. Estimated heated area of residential premises for such a boiler-house will be from 5 000 to 20 000 m2. One boiler can heat the village of 40 houses with an area of 130 m2 each

Combustion straw pellets in the boiler furnace

The boiler is supplied with the following bundling:
• the boiler 
• fan primary blast 
• fan secondary blast,
• hopper for of granulated biofuels
• fuel supply system type "flexible auger“
• control panel of the heat generator,
• instrumentations.

Exhauster, economizer, flue gas, as well as cyclones as cleanup of flue gases from of ash in the boiler the standard delivery are not included. This equipment can be supplied on demand of the customer.